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ProAV Subwoofer Lead RCA-RCA

ProAV Subwoofer Lead RCA-RCA

  • $5900

The Professional Cable Company

This brand was established from the need for a range of cables that offer true mid to high performance at affordable prices. Perfect for music lovers, home theatre enthusiasts, custom installers, sound professionals and commercial sound contractors alike.

Pro AV commenced life as a bulk cable manufacturer to the custom and Retail markets. Their recent expansion into premium Audio/Visual interconnects completes their range and establishes a turn key solution for the connection of consumer electronics.

The Pro AV core philosophy is to offer high quality products that are good value for money with features and build quality you may expect to find in cables more than twice their price.

Oxygen free copper, high quality connectors, stylish outer jackets are just some of build features you can expect from Pro AV.

Using Pro AV cables in your system will do more to enhance the performance of your system than you may realize, cables after all carry the audio and video signal from component to component. By upgrading your cables you can enhance your system by providing a clearer signal path, minimize distortion and signal loss all of which will directly improve the sound and picture quality of your system.

Pro AV cables - A new connection in superior AV performance.

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The PRO AV Subwoofer RCA to RCA cable which is sold in 2, 4, 6 & 8 metre lengths. PRO AV SUBWOOFER interconnects are used for the audio connection between Amplifiers & Receivers to powered subwoofers or anywhere connection to subwoofer is required. In fact, using the right cables is the easiest way to instantly upgrade the sound quality of your system.Its 24K gold plated connectors help prevent corrosion. The dual shield design provides optimum isolation from RFI & EMI for interference free sound quality. Upgrading to PRO AV cables can actually transform your audio & home theatre system. The Multi-Strand Copper conductors provides minimal resistance and exceptional signal transfer for true sound reproduction which results in sound that is cleaner and clearer than anything you've heard before.

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