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Uniden HS950 Wireless Headset for XDECTR055 Series

Uniden HS950 Wireless Headset for XDECTR055 Series

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The Uniden Long Range DECT Wireless Headset is the ideal accessory to compliment your Uniden Cordless Phone. It is like having another phone with you but as it is attached to your ear you will have the luxury of multitasking and keeping the conversation at the same time.

With Long Range Capabilities - up to 10 times more Talking Range than compared to a traditional Bluetooth Headset, this DECT Wireless Headset is ideal for a Home Office (SOHO) or Business Application.

Designed and engineered in Japan, this handy accessory is compatible with the following Uniden Cordless Phone Systems:

  • SS E35/37 Series
  • DECT 30xx Series
  • DECT 31xx Series
  • XDECT 61xx Series
  • XDECT 80xx Series
  • ELITE 91xx Series

HS-950 can be used 2 ways, in-ear (3 sizes included) or with an ear-hook (3 sizes included) for added convenience.


Key Features
  • DECT Cordless Phone Wireless Headset
  • Ideal for Home Office (SOHO) or Business Application
  • Mute Function
  • Volume Control
  • Headband Included
  • LED Charge Indicator 
  • Answer Key
  • Rechargeable – Place Headset onto Charge Cradle
  • Ear loop included (3 different sizes)
  • Ear cap included (3 different sizes) 
  • Additional Features: 
    • Talk Time: Up to 6 Hours
    • Standby Time: Up to 3 Days
    • HS-950 Dimensions: 150mm(H) x 60mm (W) x 70mm (D)
    • HS-950 Weight: 94 grams

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