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Home Theatre and Surround Sound

rs. There’s nothing quite like the intensity of a great movie – it draws you in and makes you forget reality for a precious couple of hours. A good home theatre system can give you that experience whenever you want it, in the comfort of your own home.

Gladstone Hi-Fi is the leading home theatre specialist in Gladstone, designing and installing home theatre systems to suit all budgets, from affordable to over-the-top!

Real Home Theatre – what is it?

If it’s capable of transporting you to another reality, it’s real home theatre! To do that though, both the picture and sound must be of a quality and dimension to convince you of that reality. Many ‘one-box’ systems exist, but the real experience only comes from a well designed system that is customised to your needs and to your home.

Home Theatre Projectors and Televisions

Nothing quite matches the fully immersive experience of a projector for a real home cinema experience. Having your field of vision filled by the action on screen helps to draw you in. Projection can be surprisingly affordable if budget is your concern, but if money’s no object we can also provide high end projection systems that rival even the very best commercial cinemas.

Projection systems can also be completely invisible when you’re not using them – ask us about designing a system that disappears from view when not in use to keep your living space looking like a living space!

If projection is not practical we can also design a system using a quality LCD or Plasma television that will provide stunning picture quality for an impressive home theater experience.

Surround Sound for Home Theatre

Just as important as the visual aspect is the audio experience. A well designed surround sound system completes the experience of being there. It envelops you in the ambience when a quiet scene plays out, or gets your pulse racing during dramatic action scenes.

We’re happy to provide you with a set of surround sound speakers and a multi-channel amplifier to power them, but can also design a high end home theatre sound system that is optimised for your room acoustics and delivers simply amazing surround sound.

Home Theatre Brands

We stock a range of home theatre brands that we believe offer superior performance and value for money to deliver an amazing experience in your unique home environment.