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Music Systems

Gladstone’s Hi Fi and Stereo Specialists

Hi Fi lovers have been coming to Gladstone Hi-Fi for over 20 years to enjoy the best in home audio. In our new showroom you can audition a range of stereo amplifiers, CD players, turntables and speakers and get knowledgeable advice from our team of passionate hifi buffs.

Pure Hi Fi – or Pure Enjoyment

We cater for hi fi purists with high end audio including a number of turntable and stylus brands. We also cater for the iPod generation and can design and install a multi-room audio system that seamlessly integrates your iPod with CD, radio, your PC, hard drives and yes, even your turntable.

For some, music is a passion to be taken seriously. For everyone else it’s a pleasure to be enjoyed whenever and wherever they want it. No matter what music means to you, you’ll find a hi fi or stereo system at Gladstone Hi-Fi that will be music to your ears. To arrange an audition, contact us, or simply visit us in our showroom to see and hear Gladstone’s finest hifi for yourself.

Leading Hi Fi and Stereo Brands

At Gladstone Hi-Fi you’ll find one of the best ranges of hi fi and stereo equipment in Gladstone. From high end stereo components to integrated hi fi systems we have chosen the brands that represent the best performance and value on the market today.