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Ethernet-Over-Power Kit 500MBPS KIT

  • $11900

There are many instances where running a dedicated Ethernet cable is not practical, desirable, or even possible. This well engineered unit allows you to extend your ethernet connection over already-installed mains power connections. Simply connect, pair, and go! Ethernet speeds up to 500Mbps allow HD streaming, fast file transfers, and more. Ideal for SmartTVs, old computers, and just about any ethernet requirements.


- Fast 500Mbps Speed
- Plugs Directly Into Mains Power Outlet
- Plug and Play Installation
- Max Speed: 500Mbps
- Input / Output Sockets: RJ45
Product Dimensions   W 59mm x H 75mm x 66mm w95gm
Additional Dimensions  W 58mm x H 73mm x 90mm
Speed of Transmission     500Mb/s Warranty: 12 Months

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