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Gardentime Automated Grower - White

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Few things bring joy quite like watching seeds sprout and become the beginning of a garden. Children especially love to watch the transformation and feel the pride of turning a patch of dirt into flowers or herbs. It’s easy to cultivate an indoor garden when you use the Garden Time system. The iPot can hold as much as 30 days’ worth of water and release it as your plants need it each day. It’s designed to make having fresh herbs in the kitchen a breeze or to have a small bonsai garden on your desk at work a reality.
Minimal human interaction
30 day water retention iPot
Sleek, modern design and colours to suit various interiors
Organically grown
Time and money saving
Garden Time is a self-automated grow system running on 888 technology.
The 888 technology is an automated cycle between 8-hour periods. For example:
8 hours grow (7am - 3pm)
8 hours light (3pm - 11pm)
8 hours off (rest 11pm - 7am)

Garden Time is a growing system designed to take the worry out of indoor gardening – you don’t even have to know how to grow herbs at home. It utilises 888 Technology – rotating between three eight hour cycles to simulate daytime conditions no matter what the weather is like outside. It’s all self-contained and self-regulated so anyone can have fun gardening.

You have eight hours of growing time, eight hours of light, and eight hours when it is off, simulating night. No more will your plants die from not having enough sunlight to process nutrients. It removes the human error part from gardening, the one thing that makes most houseplants not survive. Your Garden Time might even give your plants better than natural conditions, so they grow faster in your kitchen garden than they would otherwise be able to do outdoors.

      The iPot also retains up to 30 days of water, slowly feeding your plants day by day.

      Gone are the days when you have to worry about whether you watered your plants or not. There are unlimited numbers of settings that you can adjust to your personal needs on your Garden Time. You can go on vacation and not worry about your kitchen garden plants thanks to the Garden Time. It’s truly a "set it and forget it" device that will give even the brownest thumb gardener a great kitchen herb garden.
      It’s also energy efficient, using .1 of a kilowatt a day.  Choose from three finishes that compliment any décor – black, white, or wood. The durable resin finish will give you years of enjoyment. Plus, Garden Time’s small profile – 330 millimetres square – means it can sit on a counter in even the smallest galley kitchen. It’s so easy to grow herbs in your kitchen! And, it only weighs 2.5 kilograms, so it won’t weigh down a bookshelf or desktop if you choose to grow a bonsai.

      So what is the iPot? It stands for Intelligent Pot, and contains two pieces that nest together. The two pieces are able to be separated easily for cleaning. The water is kept in the lower chamber where a cord runs the full length before turning up into the Soil Pot, or sPot. The cord wicks the water up and in, constantly keeping your plants watered at the roots where they really need it.

      This is where your plants live and the cord comes up from the iPot with the water. Any small plant can fit, and you can even put small garden décor in the pot, like netsukes or other tiny garden art. You’re only limited by your imagination.
      The grow lamp that is used for eight hours a day is a purple LED, so it takes next to zero electricity to run, and it stays cool so your Garden Time is safe near kids and pets. You can program how bright you want the grow light to be so if your kitchen herbs are getting a bit fluffier than you want them to be, you can turn down the intensity.
      What else can you do with your Garden Time? If you have it set next to your bed or favourite chair you can also use it as a reading light. The lamp is a white LED light so you can use it for more than just plants!


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