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Heads Up Display GPS 3.5In

  • $6995

Keep an eye on your speed without diverting your eyes from the road! Peripheral vision speedometers made their way into various production cars, but the concept never really took off. A head-up display turns your windscreen into the screen, by shining onto it from the dashboard. It means you can see, and look through the display, while still looking at the road in front of you. It’s fully self-contained, requiring nothing but power from your vehicle. A GPS sensor provides speed calculations, while an internal compass provides current direction. An adjustable over-speed alarm is very useful for motorway driving, displayed in km/h and mph. Adjustable brightness to match the conditions too. Includes an anti-slip dashboard mat, windscreen reflector & car cigarette lighter charger.

Note: Check local regulations regarding installation position. Compliant installation requires position to be within fixed distances from the dashboard for some locations.

Box Contents:
1 x GPS 3.5” Head-Up Display
1 x Anti Slip Dashboard Mat
1 x Windscreen Reflector
1 x Car Cigarette Lighter Charger

. Vehicle Speed & Compass
. Over Speed Alarm
. Upright & Reverse Display Modes
. Auto Brightness Adjustment
. 12/24VDC Operation

Display: 3.5”
Speed Range: 0-400km/h 
Satellite Positioning Time: 30 Seconds (Cold Start)
                                       1 Second (Hot Start)
Compass Precision: +/- 1°
Input Voltage: 10-30VDC
Power Consumption: 40mA
Standby Power Consumption: 15mA

Automotive Diagnostics
Speed GPS speedometer
Engine Speed No
Water Temperature No
Speed Alarm Yes
Product Dimensions
Length 90mm
Height 54mm
Depth 12mm
Weight 40g
Warranty: 12 Months

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