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Minelab 10 inch Elliptical Skidplate

  • $1540
  • Save $4.60

Minelab 10" metal detector coil skidplate made to fit Minelab 10" elliptical coil for Minelab X-TERRA series metal detectors.

A skidplates or coil cover easily snaps on bottom of search coil to protect your expensive coil. Absorbs shocks and moist grass static. Made from a form fitting high-impact plastic. Very highly recommended. The coil cover does not reduce detection depth

  • Protects coil from scratches, dirt, dust, moisture
  • Clean regularly to remove dirt, dust and moisture trapped inside the skidplate
  • Compatible with E-TRAC, Safari, Explorer SE Pro, X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack, X-TERRA 705, X-TERRA 505, X-TERRA 305,

Product Dimensions

9.8 x 5.5 x 0.7 inches

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