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Minelab X-Terra Coils

Minelab X-Terra Coils

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Minelab manufactures a range of accessory search coils to suit different detecting requirements and conditions. The following chart will assist you to select the right search coil for the right job. Whether you’re hunting for coins in shallow water at the beach or searching for large deep nuggets, Minelab has the search coil to suit.

X-TERRA detectors are capable of operating at one of three different frequencies; 3 kHz, 7.5 kHz or 18.75 kHz. The operating frequency is determined by the coil being used and affects the detector’s performance. Generally, the lower the frequency, the deeper the detector can penetrate the ground.

At low frequencies sensitivity to small low conductive targets is reduced. The higher the frequency, the higher the sensitivity to small targets, however detection depth is reduced. Operate the detector at 18.75 kHz (high frequency) to find small nuggets and fine jewellery. Operate the detector at 3 kHz or 7.5 kHz (lower frequencies) when searching for coins and relics.

Ensure that the coil you select is compatible with your detector:


X-TERRA 15-inch Double-D Coil - 3.0 kHz


This low frequency (3.0 kHz) waterproof Double-D coil has  exceptional ground coverage and depth.

Compatible with X-TERRA: 705, 705 Gold Pack, 505, 70

Part No. 3011-0313


X-TERRA 15-inch Double-D Coil - 7.5 kHz


This medium frequency (7.5 kHz) waterproof Double-D coil has Improved depth and ground coverage across a wide range of target sizes.

Compatible with X-TERRA: 705, 705 Gold Pack, 505, 70

Part No. 3011-0314


X-TERRA 15-inch Double-D Coil - 18.75 kHz


This high frequency (18.75 kHz) waterproof Double-D coil provides great ground coverage while being very sensitive to small targets. This coil is a great choice for gold prospecting

Compatible with X-TERRA: 705, 705 Gold Pack, 505, 305, 70, 50

Part No. 3011-0315



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