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Oregon Scientific Compact NCCO Air Sanitising System For Cars and Desktops - WS908

  • $12900

Allows you to take cutting-edge air filtration technology with you anywhere.

The Compact Sanitiser allows you to breathe filtered air in smaller places such as while you drive, using a unique, low-powered NCCO technology for optimal efficiency and portability. It safely purifies the air in 3 cubic meter range and is able to remove pollutants including allergens and viruses in addition to VOC particles with 99.6% efficiency. 

The Compact Sanitiser includes a USB Cord, AC Adaptor and Car Adaptor power cables to increase your options for power anywhere you go. 


  • Includes NCCO technology for a 3m3 range
  • Circulates air 3-dimensionally
  • Does not release secondary pollution
  • Includes auto, silent, and speed fan options
  • Long filter life time, up to 3 years
  • Auto-dimming LED light
  • Uses a low amount of power
  • Kill Virus & Bacteria
    • Remove>98.5%Influenza Virus in 20 mins 
    • Remove>96.5%total Airborne Bacteria
  • Clear Odour
    • Remove>91.6%Total VOCs
      • (Volatile organic compounds)
  • Prevent Allergy
    • Remove85.8%RSP
      • (Respirable Suspended Particulates)
  •  NCCO technology applies to Car* or small desktop area
  • Easy-to-use one light touch button
  • Highly Portable (145mm in length and 240g in weight)
  • Powered by car charger and USB

* Test for car usage

The item has got passed the UV test (30cm under UV light for 120 hrs) and heat test  (+70C°for 48 hrs) with normal function after testing.


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