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SCART to Component Video Adaptor Gold Plated VSA6

  • $1500
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Scart Adaptor.  

Converts Output from European TV (21 pin Scart)  to component output via 3 RCA.

High Quality Adaptor
- Converts to RCA outputs
- Gold Plated Connectors

Converts SCART outputs to Component Video/RGB RCA's
These adaptors are perfect if you want to change your SCART output to RCA outputs, you can then use any high end cable that you like for performance that best suits your needs. (please read important info below on compatibility of component and RGB)

Suits the New FOXTEL digital boxes
and other sources with SCART outputs, allows you to use high quality Component Video connections.
If you have a DVD or Digital Set Top box that only has scart outputs and would like to take advantage of high quality Component Video connections (To a TV with Component inputs) then this adaptor will let you do that with your choice of cable.

Important information:
Component Video or RGB? this adaptor will work with either Component or RGB signals. The thing that you need to make sure of, is that your source and display are both working off the same format. 
IE if your DVD outputs Component through it's SCART then the TV must take Component. If your source outputs RGB then the TV must take RGB. This adaptor will not convert RGB to Component.

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