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Tara Labs Prism 2RCA-2RCA Audio Lead

Tara Labs Prism 2RCA-2RCA Audio Lead

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TARA Labs cables have been the clear choice of audiophiles and music professional for over 20 years. TARA Labs' design expertise is applied to the affordable Prism series audio cables.

Upgrading to Prism cables can actually transform your audio system and your home theater. In fact, using the right cables is the easiest way to instantly upgrade the sound of any system. TARA Labs Prism series cables are designed to improve sound quality in 3 ways below.

Rejecting Outside Interference

The cable use 2 layers of shielding to eliminate Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Interference (RF/EMI).

Providing A Clear Signal Path

The superior material such as the SA-OF8N Super-Annealed Oxygen Free 8 Nines Pure Copper (99.999999% pure) and the unique configurations such as Coaxial SHR (Single-Helix Return) of our copper conductors - the signal carrying elements of the cable - result in sound that is cleaner and clearer than anything you've heard before.

Eliminating the Effects of Dielectric Distortion

Typical dielectric (plastic insulation) used inside inferior cables causes distortion resulting in audible coloration and graininess in the sound. TARA Labs' SVPE (Stable-Valence Polyethylene) insulation is chemically treated to be less reactive, and more stable than other materials.

Cable Characteristics:

  • Smooth, natural tones
  • Full, well-defined bass
  • Improvement over manufacturer supplied cables

Specifications :

Conductor: SA-OF8N (99.999999% pure)

Design: Pressure-Stranded conductors with Coaxial SHR inductive coupling

Shielding: Dual shielded, Mylar-Backed foil and coated copper braided shield

Plugs: 24K gold-plated Pressure-Fit RCA

Conductor Insulator: SVPE (Stable-Valence Polyethylene)

Length: 2 meter

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