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Wireworld Solstice Silver Plated OFC Gold Contacts 24AWG Gold/Silver Connectors 2.0M

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In the Beginning 

Wireworld Cable Technology, which was founded by renowned designer David Salz in 1992, is the premier provider of leading edge digital and analog cable technology for home audio and video, from HDMI to state of the art high-end interconnects and speaker cables.

The company has an unmatched reputation for producing superior cables and have continued to push the boundaries being the first manufacturer to offer many unique designs and engineered to offer critically acclaimed performance from entry level to absolute luxury. 

There is no substitute for superior engineering

The winning combination of the patented DNA Helix®* design and Composilex® 2 has produced interconnects that allow quieter details to be heard, while preserving a greater range of dynamics and musical expression than other cables. Amazingly, they even reduce listening fatigue while improving definition and image focus. No other interconnects sound as close to the ultimate sonic purity of a direct connection.

In addition to the advantages of Composilex 2 and DNA Helix technologies, Wireworld interconnects also feature superior patented plugs, and many utilize the highest purity Ohno Continuous Cast® conductor materials. These engineering details are essential in producing the highest fidelity interconnects at each price level.

Key Features include:

  • Series 7 Analogue cable utilizes Wireworld’s exclusive cable construction and the world's best conductor at each level.
  • Composilex®  2 and Dual DNA Helix®    The Solstice 7 also features Gold-Tube™ connectors for a pure copper signal path.


Quad DNA Helix 

Conductor Material

Qty: 2 (20 Strands)   24AWG  | 0.2 sq. mm

Silver-plated OFC Copper


Composilex 2


Available in most popular lengths (see chart above)  

Plug / Contacts 

WireWorld RCA-RCA 

Silver + gold plated


Product code SOI  (RCA to RCA) 


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