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Yamaha Stereo Receiver AM/FM Tuner R-S300 - Demo

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Yamaha’s stereo receivers are well known for delivering outstanding power, extended frequency response, versatility and exceptionally high-quality audio reproduction. Whether you seek the perfect home audio amplifier, radio or the ability to connect an iPod dock Yamaha’s latest Stereo Receivers will do it all.

  • 50W x 2 high power output
  • ART base chassis to minimize noise and vibration
  • Pure Direct for short and direct signal path
  • Aluminum-extruded front panel
  • Continuous Variable Loudness Control
  • iPhone/iPod/Bluetooth® compatibility
  • Subwoofer out
  • Speaker A, B or A+B selection
  • 40-station FM/AM preset tuning
  • Phono Input

The new range of Yamaha stereo receivers are designed as descendants of the famous A-S2000. An aluminium front panel, silky touch volume/selector knobs and Yamaha’s strong commitment to quality craftsmanship are just some of the benefits from this range.

An unbalanced interface is subject to common-mode voltage noise, so Yamaha uses a balanced system to receive the iPod signal. This makes a significant contribution to reducing noise in the system for higher sound quality.

Yamaha’s integrated amplifiers all have speaker A & B option which allows music sources to be played in two difference areas of the house, adding versatility to these accomplished amplifiers.

iPod Dock ready with independent power supply

With Yamaha’s optional iPod dock you can easily enjoy your mobile music collection through the best system in the house and you can even charge your iPod while you listen. When your iPod is operating or charging it is more susceptible to interfere with audio quality during playback. To minimise this, Yamaha have included a dedicated power supply just for the iPod. This will ensure premium audio from an iPod or iPhone. Yamaha’s YBA-10 Bluetooth dock can receive audio streamed from your A2DP enabled phone, laptop or media player.

AM / FM tuner

All Yamaha stereo receivers incorporate AM / FM tuning with 40 station preset memory. To ensure complete ease of use stations are easily changeable using the included remote control.

Pure Direct uses the shortest possible signal route for higher quality sound purity with minimal electrical noise and transmission losses. This function is ideal for listening to CD’s.

Has been demonstrated in store.  Comes with full Manufactures warranty, box and all accessories. Last  photo is of actual unit.

Receiver / Integrated Amplifier

Minimum RMS Output Power (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz)

50 W + 50 W (0.04% THD)

Pure Direct


Total Harmonic Distortion (CD to Sp Out, 20 Hz-20 kHz)

0.015% (25 W/ 8ohms)

High Dynamic Power/Channel (8/6/4/2 ohms)

70/77/89/100 W

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (CD)

100 dB (Pure Direct On, 200 mV)

Frequency Response

10 Hz-100 kHz ±1 dB

Audio In / Out

Phono Input

4 / 2


Subwoofer Out


Remote In / Out

1 / 1

FM 50dB Quieting Sensitivity (IHF, 1 kHz, 100% Mod., Mono)

3 µV (20.8 dBf)

FM Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Mono/Stereo)

74 dB / 70 dB

Standby Power Consumption

0.5 W

Power Management (Auto Power Standby)

Yes (4/6/12 hours)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

435 x 151 x 387 mm


8.8 kg


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